Consortium Members


Newgen Holdings, a company promoted by Mr. Bhagwan D Khurana, a pioneer in the field of communications and technology.

The main objects of Newgen Holdings Private Limited are:

  • To invest and manage subsidiary companies, associate companies and other corporate entities.
  • Take part in the management, supervision and control of the businesses and / or operations of any company or undertaking having similar objects.
  • Provide consulting services in the field of Information, Communication, Entertainment (ICE) and Finance.

Newgen Holdings Role in GIFT ICT Project:

  • To do all such acts and deeds as required to be performed by the Lead Member of the Consortium;
  • Business integration, advisory and consulting;
  • Validation and supervision of implementation of overall ICT Network Architecture and Systems Integration;
  • Selection of technology, platforms, vendors and other service providers;
  • Program Management¬†until the Appointed Date under the Concession Agreement when all the obligations of the SPV shall become effective;
  • Coordinating and aligning business interest of the SPV stakeholders.


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